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Take your Votes to the Next Level

Improve Voter Engagement

Notify voters using email, mail, text message or with your own systems. Receive undeliverable notice alerts and schedule reminders. Voters vote by phone, computer, mail or in person.

High Integrity Voting

Voters can only vote once and voting choices remain anonymous. Each ballot has one, secure voting key and the vote is auditable, verifiable and can be independently observed.

Flexible Ballots

Manage candidate elections, board positions, contract ratifications, bylaw amendments, budget approvals, acclamations, motions and member polls.

Easy To Use

Setup your Election or Meeting Votes in 3 steps - spend your time monitoring, not counting. Or engage our experts for dedicated assistance or independent election oversight.

Real-Time Results

Winners are immediately calculated using first past the post, cumulative voting, preferential ballot, STV Single transferable vote or approval voting. You can tabulate results yourself too!

Secure and private

256-bit encryption used to safeguard your vote — the same security as major banks. And we don’t share or use voter data — your elections stay private.

What we do

We give entitlement to businesses and organizations to digitize their business structure by reaching and interrelate with their target audience through an easy, secured reliable and convenient medium.

Provide corporate entities and businesses with a platform which uses proximity & location based technology to deliver targeted marketing solutions.

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Our Units

Sponsorships Unit

This department seeks to obtain sponsorships and or give sponsorship to support profitable and innovative programs such as health screening, educational quizzes, children games, award events, charitable events and many more.


Helping others take countless forms and springs from countless motivation, from deep rooted empathy to a more calculated desire.

We organize charitable events such as free health education, free health screening, giving support to the less privileged and also supporting the needy.

Health Unit

We provide health assistance to members, distribute literature, and help sponsor vaccine and screening programs. We coordinate speaker’s bureau, assist with media campaigns and much more. Our commitment includes funding focused researches, promoting disease awareness, supporting immunisation and treatment initiatives, and serving as the primary source of information for clients and their relatives, the medical and scientific community, and the general public.

We believe in building each other and hence

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VotePorts is the biggest, highly secured electronic voting & ticketing platform. VotePorts brings your voting to the next level as Organisers have the right to decide on a free voting or paid voting. We make your elections friendly and fun.

We believe in building each other and hence

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